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About ZyAura

ZyAura is new branch of www.Radiantek.com.tw (established in 2000).

ZyAura uses IR-SoC (Infrared System On Chip) and Dual Beam NDIR technology to design
Gas Monitor monitoring.

ZyAura is developing ultra low cost CO2 monitors for your and everyone's needs.

Radiant totally has 2 branchs:  
deliver over 1 million set of Handheld Infrared Thermometer in 2006, Now is the world no.1 in Non-Contact Thermometer in volume.
start to deliver CO2 Monitor (in July 2007), as our first Gas Monitor Product.
  Base on our new IRSoC, auto calibration production line, We guareentee lowest price for NDIR Dual Channel Gas Monitor, with same accuracy level.